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Delighting Consumers with an Exciting Purchase Experience

The Magnolia Chicken Station, an innovative approach to selling fresh chicken was first set-up in 2004 and by end of 2010, It expanded to a network of almost 500 outlets in both supermarkets and Monterey neighborhood meat shops. Prior to the stations, fresh chilled chicken was usually available in wet markets while supermarkets carried mostly frozen chicken. The “big idea” was to bring the consumers’ buying habits honed in wet markets into the cleaner, more sanitized supermarket environment. The stations allow consumers the freedom to select the chicken format and quantity they want-whether to buy in bulk, by the piece or by 100 grams, or to choose specific cuts for themselves using tongs, or to ask the staff to debone a whole chicken.

The most convenient product innovation found at the Magnolia Chicken Station are pre-marinated chicken, called the Cook-Easy line, ideal for various types of flavorful, mouthwatering dishes such as Asian-inspired Korean barbecue or Chicken Teriyaki, grilling staples such as Chicken on sticks and Chicken Inasal, or even party favorites like Chicken Fingers, Chicken Bites, or Chicken Balls, to name few, Busy homemakers truly appreciate these cook-easy chicken products that provide the warmth of home-cooked meals at an affordable cost. In addition to these revolutionary offerings, the Magnolia Chicken Stations are also abuzz with marketing activities that add a new dimension to the customer’s purchase experience. By adding more innovative products and services, the Magnolia Chicken Station will continue to delight and excite its customers with the promise that our products will always be easily within reach and of uncompromising quality, great taste and value.

Aside from the Magnolia Chicken Stations, Magnolia also launched the Manukang Bayan, Atbp. – another branded retail outlet. These are strategically located nationwide. Aside from Magnolia Fresh Chicken wholes and cut-ups, Manukang Bayan Atbp. also offers pork and beef products that are guaranteed safe and fresh at a very affordable price.

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