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Contract Growing

I. Application Process

  1. Accomplishment of Contract Growing Application Form
  2. Site or Farm Inspection
  3. Approval of Proposed Site or Farm
  4. Submission of Letter of Intent
  5. Issuance of Letter of Commitment
  6. Submission of Permits
  7. Construction of Poultry House
  8. Submission of Bond or Collateral
  9. Contract Signing
  10. Seminar
  11. Chick Placement

II. Investment Details

  1. Farm Site
    • With a minimum lot area of one (1) hectare
    • Within an agricultural zone
    • One (1) km away from residential area
    • One (1) km away from any nearest poultry or hog farm and related operation
    • With reliable source of electricity and adequate potable water
    • Must have an all-weather road (to and from and within the farm), passable to a 10-wheeler truck
    • Must be within the following radius from an SMFI dressing plant :
      • Luzon – 100 km
      • Visayas / Mindanao – 50 km
  2. Document Requirements
    • Letter of Intent
    • Completely filled-up application form
    • 2 pcs. 2x2 picture
    • Clear photocopy of latest community tax certificate
    • Mayor's / Business Permita
    • BIR Form 2303 (Certificate of Registration)
    • DTI Certificate of Business Reg./ SEC Reg. Articles of Partnership or Incorporation (for corporation)
    • Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)
  3. Bond Collateral
    • Cash (Php 15.00 per bird) or
    • Real Estate Mortgage (REM)
      • Original Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)
      • Current Year's Tax Declaration
      • Tax Clearance
      • Tax Receipt
      • Special Power of Attorney (SPA), if property is not in applicant's name
  4. Poultry House
    Minimum volume 36,000 bird capacity / Building
    Design specifications East West orientation
    52 ft. width
    450 ft. length
    Tunnel Ventilated Broiler House
  5. Project Feasibility (for ground up)52 x 450 feet ( 36,000 broilers ) with fully automated equipment
    Initial investment cost per broiler 382.00
    Performance Fair Average Above Average
    Gross earning per year P15 P17 P19
    Less Operating Expenses P6.50 P6.50 P6.50
    Net earning per batch P8.50 P10.5 P12.5
    Net earning per year ( 6.5 batches*/ year ) *estimate P55.25 P68.25 P81.25
    Payback period in years 6.9 5.6 4.7
  6. SMFI and Contract Grower Responsibilities
    1. SMFI
      • Building plans, design and specifications
      • Quality day-old chicks
      • Broiler feeds and nutrition program
      • Medicines and vaccines
      • Technical assistance
      • Laboratory services
      • Information recording materials
      • Ready market
      • Competitive payment agreement
    2. Grower
      • Competitive payment agreement
      • Poultry houses and facilities
      • Feeds warehouse
      • Electricity and water system
      • Labor and security
      • Poultry equipment
      • Maintenance of farm facilities, roads and equipment
      • Proper farm management

III. Contact Details

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Orlando Dela Cruz
Capacity Development Manager

SMFI Calamba Office4th Floor DenCris Business Center Brgy. Halang, Calamba City, LagunaTelefax-(049) 834-2010/4300 Luzon Operations:

North Luzon
Rowell A. Gabasan 09178678347
Joan S. Corpuz 09178675699
Jayson E. Garcia 09178140153
Princess E. Resurreccion 09176389680
South Luzon
Rojel P. Surigao 09179690425
Nathaniel Gil P. Arca 09361484757
Melben N. OlocOloc 09175057226
Georgette C. Oldan 09173133348
Emma S. Amarillo 09175075136
Central Visayas
Eleazar Tapang 09175177236
Western Visayas
Paterno Navarra 09285593255
North Mindanao
Narciso Maputi 09178801615
South Mindanao
Gil Paquibulan 09352897682
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